Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar


Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is not as sweet as refined sugar. Coconut palm sugar is same like brown sugar.  Use this pure sugar as a healthy alternative to processed sugar. Bakery products with brown sugar are far healthier than white sugar.

Organic coconut palm sugar is used in same quantity. Just follow of 1:1 rule. For one teaspoon of refined sugar, start using the one tea spoon of pure organic sugar. Body food is path way to healthy metabolism. Don’t switch suddenly. Take some time to get it absorbed in the body.

Organic foods have low glycemic index. If you are suffering from insulin resistance or diabetes, start taking it right now. This is one of the healthiest sugar alternative. One you will start using you will be thankful for organic products later on.

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Product Description

About Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

At organic village Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is available in bulk. It is pure natural sugar with a little taste of caramel.cocnut sugar is made from the coconut palm tree. Organic coconut sugar is basically used as an alternative to refine sugar. Despite of the fact that this sugar is quite expensive, confectioners have a high demand for it.

Organic sugar is not processed just like white sugar.  Its taste and look is highly different than simple sugar. Color taste and flavor of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar varies according to coconut palm specie.

Benefits of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

  • Organic coconut sugar is healthy than refined sugar.
  • It is purely natural without any artificial substitutes.
  • Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is hundred percent organic.
  • Coconut sugar is loaded with caramel flavors.

Different ways to use Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Palm Sugar is a good alternative of regular sugar. Organic palm sugar is mostly used in the bakery products such as cakes. Refined sugar is quite harmful as compared to organic products. Organic Coconut Palm Sugar has a low melting temperature. Coconut sugar is vulnerable to burn if exposed to high temperature.

Organic sugar is best for baking and confectionary items. Coconut Palm Sugar is available online. Now you can easily order palm sugar according to your needs. It is in high demand these days.

 Basic Ingredients

Main ingredient in packing is organic coconut palm sugar.

Information about Allergens

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is mainly produced in the places that deals with gluten based products. It is particularly packed in the places that handle nuts, soya, peanuts and similar products.

Storage guidelines

Place the palm sugar pack in an air tight jar. Place it in a cool dry place. Don’t place the jars near water.

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