Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves

Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves


Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves have an appealing delicious taste. Dried mangoes are used as a great meal and healthy snack. Mangoes are rich sources of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.  Organic dried mangoes are imbued with great antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body to have a better immune system.

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About Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves

Organic dried mangoes have a sweet taste and pale yellow color. Dried mango stripes are a perfect choice for afternoon cravings. Bemiring with fibers essential minerals and nutrients, dried mangoes have many associated health reimbursements. Fill a jar and place it near you bed or dining table to use it as per taste.

Advantages of Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves

  • They are 100% organic.
  • Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves are naturally dried.
  • There are no added sugars. No artificial sugar and preservatives.
  • Dried Mango have no added oils.
  • Organic mangoes are a sweet healthy snack.
  • Consume it as per your taste and need.

Different Ways to enjoy Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves

  • No need to cook, heat or cool. Use them directly from the packing.
  • Chop the stripes and enjoy in the homemade granola bowl.
  • Add Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves for a sweet taste in energy drinks.
  • Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves add a great taste in the porridge bowl.
  • Dice up the mangoes for any kind of healthy bakery. Add in the cake for delicious taste.
  • Depending on your need and choice buy Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves from organic village. Different packing sizes are readily available in bulk.

 Basic Ingredients

Basic ingredient in the packing include 100% pure organic mangoes.  No sugar preservatives are added.

Information about allergens

Organic Dried Mango Strip Halves are packed in the places that deals with cereals, seeds nuts and gluten products.

Storage guidelines

Store the organic dried mangoes in cool and dry place. Don’t place the mangoes in the dried mangoes.

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