Organic Dried Thyme

Organic Dried Thyme


Organic thyme is a great dried herbThyme is known for its worth benefits. Organic thyme is same as the original plant. Thyme is one of the most used herb in the Mediterranean and European food. It is used worldwide in all cuisines. It can be utilized in vegetables, soups, savory meals, bakery and many other cooking recipes. Don’t use thyme in excessive amount. Always use it in a limited amount or as per required.

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About organic Thyme

Organic thyme is derived from the natural sources. Thyme powder is obtained from dried leaves and flowers of thyme. Organic thyme is 100 % without the addition of nay artificial or synthetic compounds.  Thyme has many magical benefits.  Organic thyme inhibits the dandruff in the hairs.

It is used in the treatment of cold and cough. Thyme is also helpful in the treatment of acne and skin diseases.  Organic thyme has a sweet aroma. Thyme is one of the most used product in the formation of perfumes

Different ways to use organic thyme.

  • Organic thyme is used for many purposes.
  • Organic thyme is used in herbal medicines.
  • Thyme is the main ingredient of aroma is used in the oils used for body massage and body oils. It is used in various home products.
  • Organic thyme is also used in cooking recipes.

Organic thyme is one of those ingredients that enhance the taste of food.

Basic Ingredients

Packing mainly contains pure organic thyme.

Information about allergens

It is mainly packed in the areas that deal with gluten containing products. Main products include cereals, seeds, and nuts.

Storage Guidelines

Don’t place organic thyme in the moist places.  Place it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight

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