Organic Linseed Brown

Organic Linseed Brown


Organic linseeds brown also named as the flax seeds are rich in fiber, vegan protein and essential; minerals. Add raw or in powder form to enhance the nutritional content of your favorite smoothie or desert.

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Product Description

About Organic Linseed Brown

Natural earthy colored linseed (otherwise called brilliant flaxseed) are an incredible wellspring of veggie lover protein, different minerals and other solid ascribes. They contain various useful segments including Palmitic, Stearic, and Oleic unsaturated fats (Omega 3).

Linseeds can be delighted in as they are or ground to make it simpler to add to plans and smoothies for a lift in fiber. The seeds are profoundly nutritious and can be acquainted with your everyday diet without any problem.

Different Ways to use Organic Linseed Brown

  • Linseed crackers are my most favorite snack. Prepare the snacks and serve with homemade sauces or humus.
  •   Best diet in summer is to use it with your breakfast bowl or smoothies.
  •  For more health benefits consume it in the ground form.
  •  Use the seeds with granola bowls and other crunchy foods.

Major Benefits

  •    It is pure and 100% organic.
  •    It is high in fiber content.
  •   Amazing source of vegan protein.
  •   It has a good amount of healthy fats.
  •    Can be used raw and also usable in the grounded form.

At organic villages vast variety is available in different bulk sizes. You can save money and time by ordering large quantities.

 Basic Ingredients

 Basic ingredient in the packing includes Organic Linseed Brown

Information about allergens

Seeds are packed in the places that handle gluten containing products mainly nuts, seeds and cereals.

Storage guidelines

Store the seeds away from the moisture. Place them in a cool and dry place away from heat.

Recommended usage

consume organic linseeds 3-6 teaspoons per day.

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