Organic Mung Beans

Organic Mung Beans


Organic Mung beans are tiny green colored beans. Mungs belong to legumes category. Mung beans are high versatile. Enjoy by adding over Buddha bowls, salads and stews. Mungs beans are relatively sweet in taste.

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About Organic Mung Beans

Organic beans at organic village are 100% pure and organic. You can enjoy both in hot and cold form. Mungs are pronounced sources of vegan proteins. Mung is enriched with amino acids such as phenylalanine and leucine.

Mungs beans are a great meal time snack. Mung beans have many health benefits. They are good for diabetic patients. Help a lot in lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.  Beans are rich in magnesium, fibers and potassium. Eat them in a good quantity to enjoy a great and healthy life.

Major Benefits

  • Mung beans are 100 % pure natural and organic.
  • Rich vegan source.
  • High in fibers.
  • Packed with essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Contains folates and manganese.
  • Once prepared both hot and cold taste good and delicious.

Different Ways to enjoy

  • Sprinkle Organic Mung beans on different salad bars.
  • Add to fries as a good vegan protein source.
  • Consume them with kale, brown rice, quinoa and mushrooms.
  • Strew some of the mung beans on vegetable soups and broths
  • At organic village Organic mung beans are available in different sizes even in bulk amount. You can buy for your kitchen as well as for your restaurants. Organic beans have long shelf so easily buy in bulk.

Basic Ingredients

The basic ingredient in the packing mainly includes Organic Mung Beans

Information about Allergens

Beans are packed on the places that handle gluten comprising products such as nuts, peanuts, cereals, seeds and soya products.

Storage Guidelines

Store beans away from heat and moisture. Place the packing or jar in a cool and dry place.

Cooking Guidelines

  • Soaks beans for maximum 6-8 hour and leave overnight.
  • Rinse well. Add in a pan and boil water.
  • Cook the Organic Mung beans on a low flame.
  • Coven the pan and cook for minutes.
  • Drain the water when soft.

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