Organic Red Quinoa

Organic Red Quinoa


Red quinoa is a rare ‘pasankalla’ and sweet in taste. It has a fluffy appearance and is crunchy. It’s full of good vegan proteins and tons of all other nutritious properties, as with all quinoa. Red quinoa is a unique and very versatile filler for cabinets that you cannot stay without.

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Product Description

About Organic Quinoa


Red quinoa is an exceptional pasankalla and has a gentle, sweet taste. It is likewise the crunchier and more delightful partner of white quinoa yet as valuable and flexible. The solitary examination lies in the way that red and dark quinoa stays firmer subsequent to cooking than white ones. Yet, all the other things to the extent supplements are the equivalent.

Quinoa, the “mother grain,” is a very nutritious seed. It has a protein esteem that is amazingly high (12-18%) and the protein it supplies is finished protein, implying that it incorporates each of the nine fundamental amino acids.

Along these lines, it takes less quinoa protein to meet one’s protein needs than wheat protein. Quinoa is anything but difficult to process and normally contains no gluten. It is additionally a decent source of dietary fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

Wash before use as an item MAY contain little stones.

At organic village UK Organic Red Quinoa are available in different sizes even in bulk amounts. You can buy for your kitchen as well as for your restaurants. Organic products have long shelf life so they are easy to buy in bulk.









Basic Ingredients

Main ingredient in the packaging includes Organic Red Quinoa.

Information about Allergens

Organic Red Quinoa is packed in the place that handles gluten based products such as nuts, soya, peanuts and seeds.


Storage Guidelines

Don’t place the product in a moist place. Keep the packing in a dry cool place. Make sure the product is away from sunlight.


Cooking Guidelines


  • Take 1 part of quinoa grains and add double the amount of water.
  • Rinse well and add it in a pan.
  • Let it boil on a low flame.
  • Reduce the heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes

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250gr, 500gr, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg


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