Organic Walnut Halves

Organic Walnut Halves


Organic Walnut Halves have a unique flavor and taste.  Walnut halves taste too good when used in the salads, deserts and cheese. Organic walnuts are great for decorating cakes and bakery products. Organic walnuts have a great taste.

These nuts are rich in flavor, highly delicious, and crunchy. Organic walnuts have a high nutritional value.  Walnut halves are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They are rich in monosaturated fats.

Walnuts are rich sources of Alpha linoleic acid. Unlike usual walnuts, organic walnuts skin contains 90% of phenolic acids.  Walnut halves are rich in flavonoids and tannins.  Organic walnuts have bitter taste but skin is highly recommended for maximum usage.

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Product Description

About Organic Walnut Halves

Organic Walnut halves a rich distinct flavor.  They are great sources of nutrients. Organic walnuts are mostly used to give a finishing touch to most of the deserts and cakes. Walnuts are best for salads.

Organic Walnut halves are great snack. These are rich nutrient packs. Organic Walnut halves have many health benefits. Walnuts are great for gut health. Nuts contain health promoting bacteria. Walnuts boost body metabolism and nourish your body from inside out. Organic walnuts have high amounts of phosphorous, zinc, vitamins and minerals. They are also known as health promoting bacteria’s.

Major benefits from Organic  Walnut Halves       

  • Organic walnuts have high fiber content.
  • Walnuts have high vegan protein content.
  • Organic walnuts have a good portion of healthy fats.
  • It is used to add flavor in both sweet and savory food.

Try using them today for maximum benefits. Organic village offers you a lot of packings of organic walnuts halves with great quality.

Basic Ingredients

Basic ingredient in packing is organic walnut.

Information about Allergens

Organic Walnut halves are packed in the places that handle nuts such as pea nuts, seeds, or soya. Packing places mostly handle gluten free products.

Storage guidelines

Place organic walnuts away from sunlight. Place them in a cool and dry place. Avoid placing them in moisture.

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