Organic White Semolina Flour

Organic White Semolina Flour


Organic White Semolina Flour is pure flour enriched with nutrients. White semolina is mainly used to make pastas, upmas, and couscous. Semolina deserts are favorite worldwide. Milk sugar and semolina is considered to be a delicious desert in all the Asian and eastern countries

. Pure semolina is very handy. Not only in deserts but semolina is also used as a thickening agent in the soups, broths and many other cooking recipes.  You can use semolina flour in wholefoods as well. Use semolina in the deserts for deep flavor and taste.

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Product Description

About White Semolina Flour

It is highly enriched with essential nutrients. Most commonly used because of associated health benefits.  Semolina flour is basically used to make pastas and in broths and desserts.

Major benefits

  • 100% natural and organic
  • High in fiber content.
  • No preservatives or gluten.
  • No extra fats and sugars.

 Basic Ingredients

Basic ingredient includes White Semolina Flour.

Information about allergens

Organic flour is basically packed in the places that deals with gluten containing products. Main ingredients packed in such places include soya, cereals, seeds and nuts.

Storage guidelines

Don’t place any flour in moist places. Place it in a cool and dry place.

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