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Liquorice / Licorice Root Sticks


Liquorice Root Sticks are a great ingredient. Tiny twigs of Licorice add flavor to your food. Root can be chewed or taste can extracted with the help of hot liquids. Boil Licorice Root Sticks in the hot water, chocolate syrup, tea or coffee. Licorice Root Sticks are mostly used in the baking products such as cakes, pastries, sweets and other confectionaries. Depending on your need powder is also used.


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About Liquorice Root

Liquorice Root sticks are obtained from the plant based sources. Glycyrrhiza Glabra is the basic source of this magical Root. Liquorice packing comes in the form of small and tiny Root or twigs.  It has a good taste. You can use these tiny Root in bakery products and other confectionaries. Licorice Root sticks have sweet taste. Sweetness is extracted by various methods into food. Tiny Root is also used in herbal medicines.

Different ways to use Liquorice Root

Put the Liquorice Root in warm water, tea, soups and custards. With the help of heat all sweetness from the Root get extracted. Liquorice taste and smells too good in every food.

Second most common way to use Licorice Root is to chew the twigs directly. Sometimes powder is also used. Both the Root  and powder have same benefits however powder is more convenient for usage.

Basic Ingredients

Basic ingredient in packing is Liquorice Root.

Information about Allergens

Liquorice Root are packed in the places that deals with gluten. Mostly it is packed in the premises that deal with nuts, soya, cereals and seeds.

Storage Guidelines

Don’t place it in the moist environment. Preserve them in cool and dry places. Don’t place near heat.

Recommended Usage

There is not nay fixed amount. However excess of everything is bad. Use it as per requirement. Usage also depends on your taste. You can use in cooking recipes as well.

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