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Organic Brown Lentils Whole


These natural brown colored lentils blend magnificently with any, beans, lentils, rice and dull food, just as practically every flavorful zest in presence – and various spices. Snatch a portion of these scrumptious, appealing lentils to make exemplary Indian dahl dishes, swarm satisfying soups and a lot more delicious and energizing winning suppers.

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About Organic Brown Lentils whole


Organic Brown Lentils whole are so delicious and consumed around the world. Most of the Indian, eastern and European cuisines are incomplete without these delicious lentils.

Basic Ingredients

Main ingredient in the packing includes Organic Brown Lentils Whole

Information about Allergens

Organic Brown Lentils Whole is packed in the place that handles gluten-based products such as nuts, soya, peanuts and seeds.

Storage Guidelines

Don’t place the product in moist place. Keep the packing in dry cool place. Make sure product is away from sunlight.

At organic village UK Organic Brown Lentils Whole are available in different sizes even in bulk amount. You can buy for your kitchen as well as for your restaurants. Organic products have long shelf so easily buy in bulk.



Cooking Guidelines


  • Take the lentils in a pan. Rinse well.
  • Add water and bring to boil on a medium flame.
  • Reduce the heat. Let the green lentils simmer for 20-25 minutes.
  • Turn off the flame until tender.
  • Serve in platter and enjoy

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250gr, 500gr, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg


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