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Organic Red Skin Raw Peanuts


Red Skin Raw Peanuts are one of the favorite nuts in winter. You can enjoy the nuts as a healthy snack, by roasting or by toasting in various recipes. You can simply add a more delicious flavor by adding them. This is obtained from natural sources and purely organic. No salt and artificial preservatives are present. Just note the expiry date before purchasing.

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About Organic Red Skin Raw Peanuts

Red Skin Raw Peanuts from organic village are favorite nuts for most of the people. Skin is pink colored and it’s naturally come from the source. It is edible and can be used with other nuts as well. Depending upon you choice and taste you can use Red Skin Raw Peanuts in bakery and cooking recipes.

 Major Benefits of Organic Red Skin Raw Peanuts

  • High in protein content.
  • Fibre-based energy sources.
  • Organic Red Skin Raw Peanuts Contains essential fats.
  • Highly versatile and good in taste.
  • Purely organic.

Different ways to use Ways to Organic Red Skin Raw Peanuts

Peanut are instant snacks. Just take them out of packet and eat directly.

  • This is healthy trails when mixed with nuts, walnuts and seeds.
  • Perfect for making home based peanut butter.
  • Add in baking recipes such as cakes and butter cookies.
  • Organic Red Skin Raw Peanuts are for making satay sauce.

You can easily buy Red Skin Raw Peanuts from organic village in bulk.  Bulk packaging saves your time and money. This is an ideal ingredient for bakers.

Basic Ingredients         

Basic ingredient in the packing contains Organic Red Skin Raw Peanuts

Information about allergens

It is packed in the area that deals with the nuts such as cereals, seeds, peanuts and soya. These places mainly handle gluten based products.

Storage guidelines

Always place Organic Red Skin Raw Peanuts in cool and moisture-free place.

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